Le Bijou is a successful young company with an ambitious idea: To revolutionise the hotel industry by transforming apartments at top locations in major cities into high-class hotel rooms.

I’ve had and still have the pleasure of being in a close collaboration with the founders, realising many projects in film, photography and marketing with them.


We were asked to create a video that presents the innovative hospitality concept of Le Bijou while introducing the Le Bijou Bond, their short-term investment product they are issuing to raise funds to expand the operations. The result is an elegant, short video with interviews of the founders, beautiful animations of the apartments (by Design at Sketch) and testimonials of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley.


This a stylistic experimental video for the landing page of Le Bijou’s investment product, the Le Bijou Bond. CINE ZERBATO was given full creative direction to come up with a cool, elegant video to complement their page, so we ventured out to capture the pulsing energy and Spirit of the city that is so dear to us, Zurich.

How the video is embedded on the site. Click the picture to open the webpage.