Back in 2013, I watched The Maltese Falcon for the first time and thus fell in love with the cynical coolness, the high-contrast black and white photography and the complex storylines of Film Noir.

When I got the chance to work on a project for one year as part of my high school thesis (Maturaarbeit), I developed the idea for The Blood Waltz, an ambitious Noir short film set in 1950s Zurich.

I saw this project not only as an opportunity to create something on a larger scale, but also a sort of small ‘film school’, where I would dip me feet into all aspects of a film production.

The Blood Waltz was shot over the course of three days with a professional crew in and around Zurich. Being a period film set in the 1950s, the locations, wardrobe and props had to be as authentic as possible: We shot in two Art Nouveau houses with antique props and used an original Citroën Traction Avant.

I was lucky to gain two extremely talented, professional actors, Nikolaus Schmid and Sandra Zellweger for the two main roles. They were able to breathe a outstanding authenticity into their characters.


Jugendfilmtage – Official Selection

Upcoming Filmmakers Festival – Official Selection

Indiewise Festival – Official Selection

Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz – Thesis of the Year (Grade 6 out of 6)



John Morris – Nikolaus Schmid

Isabella Brooks – Sandra Zellweger

Guard – Gianni Zerbato



Writer / Director / Producer / Editor – Samuel Zerbato

Director of Photography – Maciek Ryter / Julian Grünthal / Samuel Zerbato

Sound Recordist – René Blaser

Grip – Fabio Rothlin

Make-Up / Wardrobe: Celine Gattiker / Claudio Gattiker

Catering / Runner – Gianni Zerbato / Saphira Zerbato